Open view of an Arrow metal shed storing tools and accessories

Arrow Enfield 10×8 Metal Shed – DIY Kit

Arrow sheds have been a household name for over a half of century. With more than 12 million metal and vinyl shed kits worldwide, Arrow sheds have become the #1 storage shed manufacturer. Below you will find some of the more popular metal sheds available. This will help you to better determine which size and style Arrow metal shed will meet your needs.

closed view of the arrow homestead 10x8

Arrow Homestead 10′ x 8′

Arlington 10 x 12 - This shed is an appealing storage structure with a high gable styled roofing system and sixty-two inches of wall height. Store garden equipment, yard tools, and various other seasonal products. The Arlington has a baked-on polyester enamel finish which makes this quality shed a long-term storage solution.

estator shed by arrow metal shed


Arrow Concord 10 x 8 - This long lasting metal shed is the smaller sized of the low-cost and extremely spacious Concord storage sheds. A gambrel roof with over 7 of headroom and double doors with an opening of 47″ and height of 5′ develop a very versatile and extremely easily accessible storage area.

Popular Arrow Dresden 8x6 Shed Kit

Popular Arrow Dresden 8×6 Shed

Arrow Estator 10 x 9 - This cost effective metal shed is the smaller sized of the very large Estator storage sheds. With a barn-like 8′ gambrel roofing system, a built-in attic and double telescoping doors with a 59″ opening, this metal shed has ample storage capacity for all your requirements.

Open View Of The Arrow Concord 10' x 14' Storage Shed

Arrow Concord 10′ x 14′ Storage Shed

Arrow Homestead 10 x 8 - Traditional, gable-roof styling combines with Arrow design and engineering features to make the Hamlet tops in affordable outdoor storage. “Ride-in” door opening and almost 6 feet peak height make it simple to establishment and organize anything, from yard and yard equipment to pool materials and bicycles.

Arrow Arlington 10′ x 12′ Shed Kit

Exclusive Arrow Metal Shed Features

I.            Durability and Strength :As against the wooden sheds, metal storage sheds do not used to bend or twisted out of shape, split or crack over periods of time and it always remain impervious to decay, insect infestation and rot. All the sheds constructed by arrow sheds make used of electro-galvanized steel for protection against rust and reinforce design with steel bracing.

II.            Affordable: One of the biggest advantages of purchasing metal storage shed is that they can the one of the very cheapest in the market when it comes to storage space per dollar. You will always have better satisfaction for each dollar spent on them.

III.            Varieties: there are two different types of sheds created by Arrow to choose from: one standard design constructed of galvanized steel panels and the other, a baked on enamel finish and a premium option of vinyl coated galvanized steel.

IV.            Roof Style – Lean-to, Apex or Barn: There is no different between the traditional style wooden shed and arrow metal shed you purchased in term of the roof. It comes with a lean to roof. The lean-to is slope in only one direction where as gabled roofs have a peak style roof like a traditional house style.  The Barn style sheds are structured on traditional Dutch barn that provides extra height in the middle. Have it in mind very few metal sheds rooftops are designed to withstand heavy snow loads. Arrow provides, as a bonus extra, a roof strengthening kit for most of their shed models.

V.            Locks and Security: metal garden sheds kits come with some form of locking mechanism that help to keep your items secure and this apply to all the metal shed supply by arrow sheds. This varies from a single padlock to a system of keyed locks depending on the model. This is an added advantages compare to other options.

VI.            Door styles:  there are three styles of doors commonly   used on metal sheds, they are the horizontal sliding model, and standard hinged units and vertical roller shutters. Whenever you want to choose your shed, make sure that the width and height is big enough to move all your items and vehicles in and out of the shed comfortably. Arrow sheds come with standard hinging doors and lockable door latch.


With all these benefits I don’t think there is any shed out there that ever beat the arrow metal shed. What are you waiting for? Go get yours.